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About Us

Vision:   To create a clean and healthy society

Mission:   Our mission is to provide best and complete cleaning services.  


Our managing directors Mr. Jay Panseriya and Mr. Chirag Patel started “feather Clean” with the goal to change the way of cleaning by using latest techniques and machinery.

The basic business idea at the initial stage was to provide sign board cleaning services to shops on specific time intervals so it looks attractive, we started our research for the same at 11th August 2012.  
We started our research with collecting the basic required information, like sign board cleaning methods, equipments and competitors in the market. After completion of 3 months of time we gathered all information about the sign board cleaning, but then we realized that sign board cleaning is a part of cleaning. This cleaning service includes lots more than only sign board cleaning.

Our research again started, now the topic was “Complete Cleaning Services” for house and office. The theoretical information was easy to collect but what we were lacking was practical experience of the detailed cleaning services. Now, the question was how we will get the training of the professional cleaning?

Hotels are the best place to visit or stay because of its cleanliness following that way we visited many hotels and malls to observe and learn the techniques of cleaning they apply. We have also worked as a member of house-keeping department in a Hotel to get real experience. After taking about four months of training under the house keeping department of hotel, it was the time to implement the knowledge.

At first we wanted a safe experiment, instead of experimenting directly to a customer’s house, we started our experiment at our own house. There were chances to make mistakes and we didn’t want anyone else to pay the amount of our mistakes.  
7th June 2013, Friday, We started our first cleaning project at Managing Director Nishad’s house. We tested every chemical and equipments the whole day and it showed very good result more than our expectations. The next day we did another two houses at the same day and both were surprised at the end of the day that how is it possible to do this much of detailed cleaning.


11th August 2013, we executed our first project in Ahmedabad. It was completed on time with the high level satisfaction.